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Scent-sational Secrets: How to Amp Up Your Soy Wax Candles' Fragrance!

Updated: Feb 29

Soy wax candles are beloved for their clean-burning properties and exquisite fragrances. But are you getting the most out of your candle's scent? Discover expert tips and tricks to enhance the aroma and elevate your sensory experience with every burn.

1. Choose Quality Fragrance Oils

Begin by selecting high-quality fragrance oils specifically formulated for soy wax candles. Opt for oils that are specially designed to disperse effectively in soy wax, ensuring a strong and long-lasting scent throw. #SoyWaxCandles #FragranceOils

2. Proper Wick Selection

The size and type of wick play a crucial role in maximizing fragrance diffusion. Choose wicks that are compatible with soy wax and appropriate for the diameter of your candle. A properly sized wick will create an optimal wax pool, allowing the fragrance to release evenly throughout the burn. #WickSelection #CandleCare

3. Optimal Wax-to-Fragrance Ratio

Achieving the perfect balance of wax and fragrance is essential for maximizing scent throw. Follow recommended guidelines for fragrance load percentages to avoid overwhelming the wax and compromising burn performance. Experiment with different fragrance concentrations to find the ideal ratio for your desired scent intensity. #FragranceRatio #ScentIntensity

4. Allow Sufficient Cure Time

After pouring your soy wax candles, allow them to cure for an optimal period before lighting. Curing allows the fragrance oils to fully integrate with the wax, enhancing their potency and ensuring a more robust scent throw during burning. #CureTime #FragranceIntegration

5. Burn Time and Candle Care

Proper burning practices are crucial for maximizing fragrance diffusion and extending the life of your soy wax candles. Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each use to prevent soot buildup and maintain an even burn. Avoid extinguishing the candle too soon during the initial burn to establish a full wax pool, allowing the fragrance to disperse effectively. #BurnTime #CandleCare

6. Strategic Placement

Strategically placing your soy wax candles can enhance fragrance diffusion throughout your space. Position candles in areas with good air circulation to help disperse the scent more efficiently. Consider placing candles near heat sources or in smaller rooms for enhanced fragrance projection. #StrategicPlacement #AmbianceEnhancement

7. Customer Tips for Enhancing Fragrance

  • Rotate Your Candles: Encourage customers to rotate their soy wax candle collection regularly to prevent olfactory fatigue and fully appreciate each fragrance's nuances.

  • Try Candle Warmers: Suggest using candle warmers or wax melters as an alternative method to release fragrance without burning the candle.

  • Double-Up: Recommend burning multiple candles simultaneously to create custom fragrance blends and intensify scent throw. #CustomerTips #FragranceEnhancement

Experience the Difference with Aurelia Candles

At Aurelia Candles, we're dedicated to crafting premium soy wax candles that captivate the senses and elevate your ambiance. Indulge in our exquisite collection of hand-poured candles, meticulously formulated to maximize fragrance and deliver a luxurious olfactory experience with every burn. #AureliaCandles #LuxuryCandles

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