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Candle SOS: Rescuing Your Beauty - The Ultimate Tunnelling Cure

Updated: Feb 29

Discovering a tunnel forming in your beloved natural wax candle can be disheartening, but fear not! With the right approach, you can remedy tunnelling and restore your candle to its full glory. Follow these simple steps to effectively cure the tunnel and enjoy a more even and prolonged burn:

1. Assess the Situation

Before taking any corrective action, carefully examine the extent of the tunneling in your candle. Note how deep the tunnel is and whether the edges of the wax container remain untouched.

2. Trim the Wick

Start by trimming the wick of your candle to approximately 1/4 inch. A properly trimmed wick promotes a cleaner burn and helps prevent future tunnelling.

3. Heat Management

To encourage the wax to melt evenly and fill in the tunnel, you'll need to manage the temperature of the candle. Place the candle in a warm, draft-free environment, such as a room with consistent temperature control.

4. Extended Burning

Light the candle and allow it to burn for an extended period, ensuring that the wax pool reaches the edges of the container. Depending on the size of the tunnel, this may require several hours of burning time.

5. Aluminum Foil Method

For more severe cases of tunnelling, you can employ the aluminum foil method. Take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the top of the candle, leaving an opening in the center for the wick to remain exposed. This technique helps trap heat and encourage the wax to melt evenly across the surface, effectively curing the tunnel.

6. Monitor and Repeat

Keep a close eye on your candle as it burns, ensuring that the wax pool continues to extend outward and fill in the tunnel. Depending on the severity of the tunnelling, you may need to repeat the extended burning and aluminum foil methods multiple times until the tunnel is completely cured.

7. Preventative Measures

To prevent future occurrences of tunnelling, practice proper candle care techniques, including trimming the wick before each use, allowing the wax pool to reach the edges of the container during the initial burn, and avoiding drafts or air currents.

Experience the Difference

At Aurelia Candles, we're dedicated to providing candles that not only delight the senses with their luxurious fragrances but also deliver exceptional performance and longevity. Our natural wax candles are crafted with care to minimize issues like tunnelling, ensuring a consistently beautiful and satisfying burning experience.

Find out solutions to several other problems or rather hiccups that we experience during candle making or burning in our blogs.


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